How it works

If a COVID19 surge occurs that overwhelms normal medical supply chain (e.g. 3 day wait for more N95 masks), then your local Healthcare Facility can select their location on this websites map.They can see all the organisations around that are offering to donate supplies (e.g. PPE). They then use the search filter button to find exactly what they want (e.g. gloves). The organisations that have this specific request are shown. The Healthcare facility logistics person then clicks on those organisations in their area and contacts the organisations logistics person, to get that immediate supply.

Please note

We cannot verify or endorse healthcare facilities requests or indeed organisations offer of medical stock (e.g. PPE etc.).  In an emergency situation such as this, each institution will at a local level have to decide for themselves that the organisation that they are dealing with is legitimate.

Please note that this is a public global website, all information is public, no privacy rights are offered or guaranteed. The objective of the website is to connect healthcare facilties to local organisations that might have emergency medical supply at short notice (e.g. PPE). Therefore by its nature both Healthcare Facility and Organisation names, address and contact details etc will be visible to everyone.

This is an emergency humanitarian response endeavour. We will be deleting this website and all its data, when the COVID19 pandemic is over.

If you wish to delete your healthcare facility or organisation then contact us via this website.

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