We Need To Help Each Other


Frontline clinicians around the world are in danger of running out of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as Gloves, Gowns & Masks, as extraordinary pressures are put on typical supply chains by the surge of COVID19 around the world. This equipment is vital to allow them to stay healthy and continue to work to treat the sick.

I am one of those frontline doctors but also an engineer and so have developed this website with my colleague Dr. Kevin Johnson, so that local companies, industry, universities, laboratories etc who may have this kind of PPE equipment in stock, can easily register what they have, so that if a COVID19 surge happens in your area, then your local hospital, who will be treating your family and friends can contact you quickly for emergency medical supply stock if the need arises.

Organisations can post the categories of PPE or other medical supplies that they have to offer, along with contact details and their geographic location, so that their local hospital or clinic procurement staff can easily see them on their local map and efficiently make contact with them immediately and arrange equipment donation / local transportation.

We live in extraordinary times and we believe that we need innovative options for emergency logistical supply chains. This is a global problem and we all need to help each other. This website portal will hopefully help your local hospital to help you and your community if the COVID19 surge comes to your town. This is a humanitarian, not for profit website and simply acts as a free conduit to connect your hospital to local businesses who may have the PPE/Medical supplies in stock that they need at short notice during this COVID19 pandemic emergency. Of course, we hope that the normal medical supply chains work in your area, but if they do not, then we hope that this website helps.


Professor Derek O’Keeffe
Consultant Physician /  Professor of Medical Device Technology
National University of Ireland, Galway
Galway, Ireland



Dr. Kevin Johnson
Senior Technician / Software Programmer
University of Limerick
Limerick, Ireland



For authoritative COVID Information please see     (www.who.int)


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